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Non Applicator Tampons (16 units/box)


100% certified organic cotton tampons – GOTS. 1 Box contains 6 Regular, 5 Super, 5 Super Plus

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The best organic cotton tampons. Choose from regular,  super and super plus tampons. You decide what’s the  best for you! Say goodbye to toxic and polluting menstrual products .



Clementine Take Good Care is a company committed to lowering our impact on the environment with eco-friendly period products with no nasty ingredients, that you can trust. #1: ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% ORGANIC COTTON TAMPONS AND BAMBOO AND CORN STARCH PADS #2: NO NASTY INGREDIENTS: CHLORINE, DIOXIN AND ALERGY FREE Take Good Care. Of You. Of Mother Nature.

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Weight 69 g
Dimensions 12.8 × 10.5 × 1.5 cm

100% made of GOTS certified organic cotton > Wrapped in paper > No Plastic!


> Frangrance free > Hypoallergenic > Chlorine Free > Dioxin Bleach Free


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