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Day pads with wings (9 units/box )


Natural Day Pads with Wings from Bamboo Fiber

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Clementine ultra thin natural pads with wings are made of corn and bamboo starch, with natural antibacterial and breathability properties. Say goodbye to toxic and polluting menstrual products.



Clementine Take Good Care is a company committed to lowering our impact on the environment with eco-friendly period products with no nasty ingredients, that you can trust. #1: ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% ORGANIC COTTON TAMPONS AND BAMBOO AND CORN STARCH PADS #2: NO NASTY INGREDIENTS: CHLORINE, DIOXIN AND ALERGY FREE Take Good Care. Of You. Of Mother Nature.

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Weight 119 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 2.5 cm

> Cornstarch > Bamboo fiber > Wrapped in compostable starch film > Our natural sanitary pads are 95% biodegradable. To ensure performance we need to include a polymer layer in the middle. We don't like it, and we know this solution is still not perfect but it's the most biodegradable we could find! In the meantime we'll continue to search with our partners to develop a better and more green alternative.


> Natural Sanitary Pads > Fragrance Free > Chlorine Free > Dioxine Bleach Free > Hypoallergenic > Biodegradable and eco-friendly


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