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Coconut Oil Lip Balm


Cruelty-free, Vegan, No Petroleum-based ingredients, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No Fragrance, No Sweetener, No FD&C dyes (aka Synthetic Colours) – No More Flaky Lips!

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The wild and hydrating coconut oil lip balm is double size because we want it last longer. Looks and feels like a lip balm but… who said you could only use balm for your lips? We created it multi-purpose for a more sustainable lifestyle.

REVIVE – The hydrating balm that will get you revitalized and seriously cool. Its penetrating peppermint scent will get your lips fresh and enhance your mood with a tingling sensation. Apply it to any area of your gorgeous skin and benefit of the antiseptic, refreshing and stimulating properties of the mint.

RELAX – This sweet and floral balm will get you blooming and relaxed. The pure lavender essential oil is incredibly aromatherapist and highly beneficial to defy emotions of anxiety. Apply it to any area of your gorgeous skin and removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness. Your mental activity deserves balance.

REFRESH – A seriously hydrating lip balm and refreshing. Its citrusy grapefruit scent will lift up your joy thanks to its detoxifying and clarifying properties. Apply it to any area of your gorgeous skin and get that well-deserved citrus boost.


Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter was founded in 2015 on the simple premise of doing something good. Our product offerings range from handcrafted cosmetics and personal hygiene products, to health and food items - all of which are based on the health benefits of coconuts and our passion for making a difference. We believe in sourcing sustainably and designing for minimal waste to build a lifestyle that truly matters. Our singular vision is to enable our customers to make healthy and responsible choices easier.

Why Coconut matter?

We bring mindfulness and love to your beauty routines. We believe adopting small changes at home can create a big impact on our planet. Our mission is to craft the best performing products from natural, vegan ingredients, and without testing on animals. Our core ingredient - Fair trade, organic, virgin coconut oil provides livelihood, and improved well being for rural Solomon Island communities. We want to make it easy for everyone to say "no plastic, please". By closing the loop on how our products are made, packaged and delivered, we make for a better planet, and a better you. Can we make this together?

Brand Mission

Additional information

Weight 8 g

Revive, Relax, Refresh


Our coconut oil lip balm comes in a zero waste compostable paper tube packaging! Slowly handmade, cruelty-free, vegan, no Petroleum-based ingredients, no parabens, no preservatives, no fragrance, no sweetener, no synthetic colours, no plastic.

How To Use

Soothe onto lips for long-lasting hydration and shine. You may love to gently massage it on the temples and pulse points. It truly promotes balance and gives you an extra push of sharp mental function. Our #CocoTribe also likes to repurpose it for the neck, nails, hands or even dry skin on elbows and heels.

Key Ingredients

> Bioactive: Nourish with natural bioactive compounds from plant ingredients including WILD virgin coconut oil and Organic Castor oil to hydrate and soothe lips. > Protects: Our lips are thinner than any other part of our body. Shea butter protects lips from free radical damage from environmental pollutants and promotes healing to chapped lips. > Mint Boost: Pure peppermint essential oil adds a mild cooling, tingling sensation on the lips. The penetrating minty scent will refresh you, lift up the mood and give you a boost of focus.


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