Our Journey


House of Lara is a dream come true.

Moving to Sweden, my love for nature has grown deeper and deeper. It reminded me of how the beauty of nature positively impacts someone’s life. And unfortunately, it’s not something that everyone of us have had the chance to experience. And so, without hesitation, I started to develop House of Lara, with the aim of bringing together all environment friendly products that we need in our daily lives, in one place. Hence, House of Lara was born. With the vision to help in any way, to save what is left of our mother nature.

Whilst being positive, starting up your own has not been easy, especially if you are a small entrepreneur trying to make your way into the business world. Small and big challenges along the way. Which made me realize, the value of supporting other small entrepreneurs who wish to develop their own independent brands, who are as passionate and trying to make a difference with their own hard work. So with the help of my long international experience in the business world, it has been useful to find good & quality products/brands to offer to my valued customers.